All on Hoil Multi Convertible Abutment

Exclusive solution for a wide angle All-on-Hoil Multi Convertible Abutment.

This advanced abutment provides several unique features that allow for enhanced customisation and flexibility when placing dental implant restorations.

  1. Angulated Adjustment up to 50 Degrees:
    This feature is particularly innovative. It means that the abutment can be adjusted to various angles of up to 50 degrees, providing the surgeon with significant freedom in positioning the prosthetic restoration. This is especially useful when dealing with complex cases where the implant’s angle might not align perfectly with the desired prosthetic outcome. The adjustable angle helps ensure optimal aesthetics and functionality.
  2. Multi-Connection Position Adjustable:
    This feature allows for the precise positioning of multiple implant connections, offering increased versatility in the design and placement of the dental restoration.
  3. Adjustable Gingival Height & Compression:
    Adjustable gingival height allows to fine-tune the height of the gum tissue surrounding the implants. This ensures a seamless integration of the dental restoration with the natural gum line.

All-on-Hoil offers dental professionals the ability to customise the alignment, orientation, and gingival aspects of the implant restoration to achieve optimal function and aesthetics for the patient. This level of adaptability is particularly valuable in cases where there are anatomical challenges or when achieving a precise fit is critical for the success of the implant-supported restoration.


Option 1 + 2 + 3.

All type of multi-unit connection is available.

Angulated Adjustment up to 50 Degrees
Multi-Connection Position Adjustable
Adjustable Gingival Height and Compression

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