Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Hoil Dental guarantees third-party implants combined with Hoil Milling products as follow:

We guarantee reimbursement of proven material costs for a replacement implant if a third-party implant was combined with our milling products after its osseointergration period and the implant manufacturer refuses its guarantee on the implant because it was combined with our milling products. 

We provide a warranty on third-party implants that is as long as the guarantee also provided by their manufacturer, not exceeding, however, life-time from the delivery.

The Hoil Dental Milling Centre Products
& Third-Party Implant warranty does not cover:

  1. Immediate restorations
  2. Failure of third-party implants, such as material or manufacturing defects.
  3. Failure of our products or the implants in case of contraindication such as alcoholism, diabetes or drug addiction.
  4. Damage on our products or the implants due to external effects such as an accident or comparable incidents, as well as medical malpractice.
  5. Further claims and consequential damages such as laboratory charges or the costs of clinical and/or dental treatment.


This voluntary warranty is in addition to the warranty rights defined by law and the product liability and does not affect them.
In addition, our General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply. The assignment of rights from this guarantee requires our consent.


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