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Milling Machines & Consumables

ARUM 5X-300 series

Meet the 5-axis chairside milling machine for wet and dry machining.
5X-300 series produce the excellent quality for soft materials.

ARUM Implant Prosthetic Component

Smart and simple system for dental lab and practice.
Meet the largest consumable system range in the world with the exceptional quality.

iPen Lab Screw Driver Guidance

iPen Guidance

• ARUM iPEN Lab Driver Tip (Straight)
• ARUM iPEN Analog Insertion Tip (for Printed Model)

How to use our works.

Co-Cr Milling
Instruction for Use

Instruction for Use

Instruction for Use

Instruction for Use

Instruction for Use

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Full Implant List

Library List

Price List

Ti-Base Sleeves

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