Medical Titanium Nitride Coating

Higher quality than the standard, ‘Titanium Nitride Coating’ service at a more affordable price.

Through a significant seven-figure investment in cutting-edge production technology, we have successfully introduced Medical TiN coating services.

TiN coating serves as a powerful barrier, safeguarding frameworks against contamination, while significantly enhancing surface strength and fatigue life, culminating in products of exceptional quality. We unequivocally guarantee clients an unparalleled finish and uncompromising quality.

Special Overnight Treatment

Since TiN coating production requires a special treatment process overnight, it is challenging to dispatch orders
received before 11am on the same day. Therefore, all the TiN coating orders will be shipped the next day.

Free of charge for Bars

By investing in innovative technology, we are able to offer to our
customers a higher quality coated premium bar at the same price as before.

Utmost Premium Service

As the sole milling centre in the UK, apart from the other implant companys’ overseas facilities, our unwavering commitment lies with our customer technicians. We bring you a premium service at an appreciably affordable cost.

TiN Coating Timeline.

by 11am
[Opt.1] Scan + Design + Milling 

Sending physical model

[Opt.2] Design + Milling 

Sending scan file

[Opt.3] Milling

Sending stl file

Day 1.
by 5pm
Milling & Quality Check

by experienced dental technicians

Day 1.
after 5pm
Same Day Dispatch

Rocket delivery

* Add. TiN Coating Service

overnight treatment

Day 2.
after 5pm
TiN Coating QC

by experienced dental technicians

Next Day Dispatch

Rocket delivery

TiN Coating Products.

Hoil Premium Abutment-1-3

Single Abutment

Hoil Premium bar-1-3

Titanium Implant Bar

Titanium Hybrid Abutment Bar

"We're very happy with the TiN Coating services we received and grateful for the free service for the implant bars."

D**** Smile

"The TiN Coating quality is excellent and we're impressed with the free service.
We're definitely going to order other jobs on a regular basis."

E***** Dental

"The dentists are impressed with the TiN Coating service and would prefer to have all their titanium bar cases tin-coated automatically,
even if it means one day delay with the delivery time."

O****** Design Labs

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